Sculpt is an all-over toning class to target the whole body with emphasis on the lower half. Utilizing a variety of equipment including resistance bands, light bars and kettlebells you will develop and tone the lower-body muscle groups such as legs, quads and glutes.

What to expect
A great playlist, drills like you’ve never experienced before and a feeling of extreme empowerment post workout.

Who will benefit from Sculpt the most?
Sculpt will benefit those who desire leaner bodies whilst wanting to develop those stubborn lower body parts.

Classes are 45 minutes and include a 10-minute warm-up and stretch. It will go on to an amazing variety of squats and lower body exercises to really develop and target every inch of the lower half of the body. Other exercises will work on the lower abdominals and mid sections of the back where stubborn fats live.

What to bring
Nothing! You just need yourself and some positive energy.

To book your class contact us on 01352 331392 or CLICK HERE


Avatar have the most welcoming and friendly staff and have helped me face the fear of gyms and turned it into something I enjoy fab place.