There are many reasons to exercise

People stress out about working out, or for many, it is an ordeal to go to the GYM in order to feel confident in a ‘bikini’ or those ‘skinny jeans’. There are many reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with your waistline. A regular workout routine will get you feeling your best and moreover can assist you with living a long, high-quality life: So here are a few reasons why fitness and exercise should be a part of your day, whether you are trying to lose weight or not:

1: More Energy: Research has shown that the more you exercise, the more energy you have, so if you are feeling sluggish all day or have trouble in keeping your eyes open in the afternoon, then try adding a few exercises to your daily routine.

2: Disease Prevention: Believe it or NOT exercise is your rock to healthy living where it can help to prevent a variety of common diseases and illnesses. So not only does regular controlled exercise help to strengthen your heart, but it can also alter the type of bacteria you have in your gut, this can help reduce inflammation and other chronic diseases, alongside the support of weight management. The fact is that exercise helps to shed disease-causing internal fat and it has been proven that a regular workout or fitness routine can keep your body healthy and on track.

3: Mood Boost: If you are Stressed, Annoyed OR Angry Then go and Exercise. You will find that the Endorphins released in the brain when you exercise will help put you in a much better mood, providing you with happier moments and a better love life balance.

4: Better Sleep: Even though exercising can stimulate your senses, it is perfect for the creation of restful sleep, as it will help you burn off any excess energy you have pent up during the day.

5: Increased Pain Tolerance: A major study found that regular cardio workouts at least three times a week will significantly increase participants’ tolerance to pain. For anyone who has been knocked down by post-workout muscle soreness, you may be surprised to find that exercise can help you feel less pain in the long run. Researchers think regular exercise could be a possible prescription for people who live with chronic pain.

6: Better Brain Function: Problem solving, wording the perfect email OR completing that perfect presentation can be easier if you have exercised beforehand. The endorphin’s that switch your body on also help clear your mind, so you can think better and be smarter in your daily life.

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